What is Coworking?



Network, connect and collaborate. Coworking is more than a shared office space. It is the way freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and remote corporate employees work in the 21st century: To work in an environment that improves their productivity and network, to break the isolation of working from home and the burden of working at the clients’ headquarters.

Coworking provides all the facilities of a traditional office plus much more. It fosters interaction and increases your energy and motivation, opening up new professional opportunities. You are surrounded by other professionals working on their projects in a hostility free and friendly environment, which encourages you to focus on your work, and with whom you can discuss and exchange ideas, and improve your business, life, and community.

Who is Coworking?

A simple hello could lead to a million things

Coworking is made for modern professionals who rely on the Internet to carry out their work. Our members are freelance professionals, small companies, entrepreneurs, and remote corporate workers. Each of them has different interests and personalities that contribute to creating a more creative environment: geeks, technologists, entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, marketers, business consultants, architects, lawyers… We host individuals and teams that thrive in a flexible environment. If you want to work with others privately you can use our meeting and conference rooms that come fully equipped with internet and telecommunication needs. Or you can rent your very own team suite!

Build & Grow your Business

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Running a business and freelancing is hard. When you share your working space with fellow professionals you are part of a supportive community of people running into the same obstacles as you- they can help. When you become a member of our coworking community you have the chance to meet, work, create, and build in a dynamic, creative and productive environment. Our purpose as a coworking community is to connect, support, and inspire our members in a happy workplace. We are more than a business center or a shared office. We provide a vibrant workplace staffed with energetic experience managers to optimize your business and community events.

Our Focus

Creating income by creating value

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners face is finding new clients and customers. One of the best ways to find new clients and customers is through your own network. We are fully focused on our members. We are obsessed with the evolution of our community to help assist with their success. We know that happiness naturally generates higher productivity and our goal is to do just that!

Flexible & Worry Free

Business has become Personal


The space is like no other offering various amenities that make you feel “At home at work”. Memberships consist of private offices, fixed desks, meeting spaces and special events.

We created En Masse Coworking to enable member business to be productive and nimble. No long-term commitment. No construction costs. No under-utilized space. No confusing overhead costs. No time spent managing space. Just a great place to work, where you feel at home.

Our Premises

Make Yourself at Home at Work

You can find us conveniently nestled just off ”The Green” in Historic Downtown Morristown.

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